Hiking in Sardinia

We're back home.We were very lucky with our guides, they were so friendly and welcoming. Told us about Sardina its nature and its history, with empathy. They were two great guides that you can be proud of, that we can recommend highly. Michelangelo had brought great lunch, with self-produced wine and it tasted great. Su Gologone was a special and wonderful place, as our daughter was very excited about it. All the places that Simone brought us to were incredibly beautiful places. On our daughter's 14 th birthday, we hiked to Cala Goloritze, where she had a great experience, that she will never forget. Our taxi driver, we are very pleased with, was a quick driver and came and collected us at. 4:30 at night. We will surely come back to Italy another time.

- Cato Hanes -