Road bike trip in Sardinia

Our trip was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves and left with lots of funny, happy memories of the cycling, the places and the people of Sardinia. And that’s down to you guys for planning it so well and looking after (managing) us – a rabble of over competitive, middle aged Englishmen in lycra……..

1.    Airport meet and greet – went smoothly

2.    Hotels – all 3 of them were just what we were looking for – in nice locations, with friendly staff, excellent food and the rooms were fine. It was good having one big hotel and then a small afterwards and the final one was great being right in the middle of Pula for the last supper out.

3.    Daily cycle routes – just what we were looking for – tough, varied with as much climbing as Sardinia could offer mountain-wise and we saw how beautiful the scenery is around Sardinia.

4.    Bike support – excellent – whenever there was a mechanical problem you guys were there to help, had the right equipment and no one missed out any riding from not being able to ride because their bike didn’t work.

5.    Food and water on the rides – excellent – you had all the water there, easily accessible whenever we needed it and all the fruit at the breaks laid out was a bonus.

6.    Sardinia knowledge – excellent – as you can see we are mainly focused on the cycling but your local knowledge of Sardinia, its history etc was great.

If we did return to the same places we would of course come back to explore a new area of Sardinia and we would of course use you guys. However I will pass on your details to anyone who I hear wants to cycle in Sardinia.

Finally, for me, the most important part of guiding is having a sense of humour – and you guys joined in with our slightly odd type of humour wonderfully – from experience this is not always easy but you guys were great – wearing the pink ribbon on your leg proudly through you’re own country - that’s brave and deserves respect…….

Many thanks,

 - Simon -