3 Reasons to Visit Caprile

Located near where the rivers Fiorentina and Pettorina converge with the Cordevole, the hamlet of Caprile provides a strategic connection to the massive Marmolada, which towers behind it, and nearby Alleghe, with its breathtaking lake.  Belying its relatively unassuming existence, Caprile is actually a fantastic place to visit to enjoy some of the best activities available in the Dolomites.  Breathtaking scenery and endless adventure abounds while the ancient past is still evident in the form of old structures and village homes practically as old as the land itself.  The reasons to visit Caprile are many and better experienced firsthand rather than listed on paper, but here are three to pique your interest.

 Fun in All Seasons – Lots of towns and villages consider themselves to be the “heart” of the Dolomites, yet the central location and many available links and connections to bordering valleys make Caprile one of the best contenders for this title.  It’s the ideal starting point for summertime excursions like climbs, mountain bike adventures, hikes, walks and picnics.  And when the weather turns colder, skiers delight in the ample snow and huge variety of slopes available in the surrounding mountain region.  In some places, it’s even possible to ski during the summer in Caprile!

Intriguing Past – The peaceful and quaint villages within the town of Caprile offer some of the most fascinating glimpses into the area’s long and intriguing past.  Taking a leisurely stroll down any of the weathered town roads you will most certainly have the opportunity to see the old country houses that were constructed so long ago from simple wood and stone and still stand proud to this day.  It’s an incredible testimony to the rich history of the area and a great way to experience the true nature of the Dolomites as it has been for generations.

Spectacular Views – Given the amazing location and incredibly extensive mountain ranges of the Italian Dolomites, there aren’t too many places within that don’t offer stunning panoramas and awe-inspiring views.  Yet somehow Caprile adds even more to the already amazing spectacle with the magnificent coastal scenery along Lake Alleghe and the lush green landscape littered with centuries-old conifers.  Even a glimpse of the nearby villages helps to foster the perfect mountain experience and creates lasting memories that simply cannot be captured by the lens of a camera.

 Look up the tiny village of Caprile on the internet and you’ll likely find little more than a few listings of local hotels and a handful of beautiful pictures.  The fact that there is so little advertised about this destination makes it one of the best kept secrets of the Dolomites.  If you’re looking for a true mountain experience, Caprile is a location not to be missed.