Annie Ross’s article on cycling and hiking in the Dolomite mountains can be viewed here.


 The sun has slipped behind the cliff tops by the time I arrive, the purple sky mottled with paragliders curling their way home into the valley of Alta Badia. Dwarfed by magnificent rock faces ebbing gracefully into green pastures, the mountain town of Corvara is my chosen base in the Dolomites.

The skyline is world renowned but the sense of light, serenity and space can only be felt in person as you sit on, hike, run or cycle the vast landscapes.

Over the next week, I see the sometimes pink, other times yellow, brown, grey, black, Dolomites Mountains adjust to reflect the world around them. This mountain range in Northern Italy is worthy both of its UNESCO status and of its global recognition as a mountain sports hub.

I first discovered the Dolomites when researching cycle events last year. The Maratona dles Dolomites, a road cycle race of three distances, has grown from 166 cyclists to 9,000 in the last 30 years. With 33,000 applications to cycle the Maratona this year, line spots are much coveted and it’s the luck of the draw for the grand majority.

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