5 must go places to fully enjoy the shooting star showers next August in the Dolomites!

One shooting star, one wish.
Then what could possibly be better than having a full bucket of shooting stars to wish upon?
Whether  you are a dreamer, a romantic soul or just a thrill seeker, get ready for the shower of Perseids this year on the night of August 12th  .

It’s not so easy to see a shooting star these days.
The bright electric lights of our cities and towns reduce the possibility to spot a starry tail running across the sky.
That’s why mountain peaks and remote valleys are the ideal place to unfold your checked towel, open your picnic basket and wait for the stars, meanwhile sipping  a chilled glass of “Prosecco”.

Let’s start from the very basics, here.
The shooting stars are actually meteors.
I know we may be crushing your dreams if we tell you what you see firing through the sky are not  real stars.
The bright evanescent stars running through the dark sky are actually the sublimation of a comet, a large agglomerate of ice and sand.
The proximity to the Sun melts the ice so the sand falls as bright dust sprinkled in the shape of a line, the comet tail.
The Perseids are the most beautiful and important meteor shower  that take place in the Italian sky and these are the ones we are going to admire next August.
The explanation may not sound romantic, but the phenomenon does not lose an inch in magic.

What’s the best way to admire the “shooting star” phenomenon?
Standing in a dark area with no electric signs and lights the experts say would be ideal.
Can you think of a darker and a more romantic place than the peaks of the Dolomites?
That’s why we have scouted 5 incredible places where you can…wish upon a star and have your dreams come true.

Terrace of the Rifugio Fanes

An old and chalet-like inn with a lovely wooden terrace over the Fannes highlands characterized by the karstification phenomenon.
Sound too technical?
Imagine large white chalk slates in the middle of Alpine pastures and you will have a pretty good picture of the spectacular area around this mountain inn.
You can either have dinner at their cozy restaurant at a table on the terrace or you could also grab some sandwiches, local cheese and chilled prosecco and find a place on the grass while the sun sets and watch the first shooting stars jet through the sky.

Lake Braies, the most beautiful alpine lake in Italy

The Lake Braies is nestled among the South Tyrol Dolomites and it is a real jewel.
Its surface reflects the massive slopes of Seekofel / Croda del Beco mountain and on summer it will reflect the bright tails of the stars.
Our tip: get there before sunset and make sure to watch the sun gently hiding behind the peaks, flashing its last orange and pink rays over the green blue waters.

Baita Segantini at Passo Rolle, the legendary hut in the Dolomites

Today, the Baita Segantini is a hut that welcomes mountain lovers from all over the world.
It was once home to the artist, writer, alpine guide Alfredo Paluselli.
He built the hut himself after building the road from the closest village to the highland where the huts is located.
Alfredo Paluselli, originally from a nearby valley, travelled the world to earn a living in the 30s and 40s. He went back to his native mountains decades later and lived in blissed solitude up there for the rest of his life.
“Come in, rest, drink and pay” read the note he used to pin on the door when going climbing and trekking. These were the only times he left his home.
The Baita Segantini is a one hour walk from the parking lot on the way to Passo Rolle.
The view over the mountain chain of Pale San Martino and Lagorai, the valleys Cismon and Venegia makes the Baita Segantini an ideal location for a full immersion experience in the beauty of the Italian Dolomites and also great for some star chasing at night.

A starry village in the Italian Dolomites

The Astrovillaggio Val d’Ega is the very first “star village” in Europe.
Could you imagine a better place than this to admire the Perseids crossing the sky in August?
Astronomitaly has awarded the sky over the valley as “one of the most beautiful skies in Europe”.
Here you will find an astronomical observatory and a planetarium and here you can also expect a breathtaking experience watching the falling stars.
Looking for something more unique and exclusive? Each hotel room in the valley has a telescope.
Order some wine and start your stargazing experience from the comfort of your room.

Wine and falling stars at the Franciscan Monastery of Mezzolombardo in Trento

The plan for a special summer night here in Trento includes the chilly breeze of the Dolomites , a walk through the vineyards around an ancient Franciscan monastery  with a  glass of the Teroldego wine in one hand and your eyes up at the sky to spot the falling stars on the night of August, 10th.
Do you think you can really resist it?

Would you like more info or to contact us to reserve a guide to reach the best places for your star gazing experience and cater for your Dolomiti style picnic.



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