Hiking Safari

Discover point-to-point travel elevated through one-of-a-kind cultural experiences and luxury accommodations.

Experience a new type of active luxury travel that offers a variety of exclusive experiences and unique cultural opportunities – so much more than the “average” luxury trip. Each of these distinctive itineraries will add to you depth of knowledge and understanding about the Dolomites and Beyond.

Dolomite Mountains Summer Safaris are exclusive journeys that progress through a series of locations and experiences to highlight a destination, offering the best of everything a region has in the Dolomite Mountains and Beyond. These active trips offer the opportunity to explore each destination, experience the culture, take in the beauty of the environment, and engage with the people that reside here, offering a sense of enlightenment and accomplishment at the conclusion of each trip.

This unique new travel concept will lead you to you discover unexpected gems and experience the authenticity of each region. Our elite guides will introduce you to the most beautiful locations on earth, treating you to exclusive experiences, while revealing the unique culture hidden here. You will have ample opportunity to enjoy the marvelous vistas and incredible cuisine and accommodations of each destination, with the opportunity to immerse yourself deeper in the culture and the history of each, learn about its origins and influences, and explore the commonalities of our collective histories and humanity. We invite you to go deeper, and join us on a Dolomite Mountains Summer Safari.

Sample itineraries for inspiration

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