Ice Climbing

Explore the World of Ice, Climbing Frozen Waterfalls in the Dolomites!

Immerse yourself in the frozen winter paradise of the Dolomite Mountains. Winter turns these mountains into a vertical playground (and we’re not just talking about skiing here!). Valley walls freeze over with sheets, columns, and pillars of ice, beckoning to be climbed.

Who says you can’t go climbing in winter! Similar to rock climbing, ice climbing offers a way to scale vertical walls, covered in ice. It uses the same harnesses and ropes for protection, but adds tools for climbing the ice – crampons affixed to your boots, and ice axes in your gloved hands.

Whether you’re a beginner putting on a harness and crampons for the first time, or an experienced climber looking to add new skills to your repertoire, there is something for everyone ice climbing here. There are “roadside” climbs, where the ice is literally a stroll from the parking lot, to more strenuous day long excursions, requiring skiing or snowshoeing to the climbing location, and occasionally use of a ski lift. And regardless of where you climb, the landscape is ridiculously beautiful in winter! 

On our ice climbing trips, you’ll learn rope, equipment, safety skills, and technique. And, of course, all of our climbing trips are led by UIAGM/IFMGA Professional Mountain Guides, ensuring your safety and enjoyment!

Climb a waterfall with us!

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