South Tyrol

South Tyrol’s Contrasting Landscape

The magic of South Tyrol - and it is magic! - lies in its uniqueness. The diverse landscape, the South Tyrolean people and their warm hospitality, and the food, a perfect blend of traditional hearty mountain cuisine and light Mediterranean-inspired dishes. 

The striking province flawlessly showcases its Alpine and Mediterranean landscapes. You can explore vast valleys, sometimes dotted with palm trees, while indulging in the numerous flavors of apples and wine. At the same time, witness the rugged and wild side of the region through the distinctive Dolomites, the Alpine flora of the Texelgruppe Nature Park, and its highest mountain, the Ortler. 

South Tyrol boasts so much natural beauty it's almost difficult to take in. From high-Alpine pastures to deep valleys, crystal clear lakes, earth pyramids, and roaring waterfalls, you would think you're in a fairytale. Thanks to the efforts of seven nature parks and one national park, the area's valuable landscape is being safeguarded, and knowledge about South Tyrol's natural environment is understandably being shared with the world. 

And that's not all - South Tyrol has much to offer throughout the year! You can also enjoy a breathtaking journey to its milder regions in spring and fall, exploring the areas of Bolzano, Merano, and Bressanone. During these less crowded periods, you can still have an action-packed vacation while indulging in a well-being and cultural/leisure week in their world-renowned wellness hotels.  

Its history is as rich and diverse as its landscape. At different times, it was part of Austria, the Holy Roman Empire, and Italy, and this fascinating mix of cultures is reflected in its architecture, languages, and traditions. 

South Tyrol is a mesmerizing place. It is proud of its heritage, which it fervently celebrates through delicious food and captivating traditions. The standard of care given to its guests gives it a well-earned reputation for being a must-see!

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