Lake Garda

Explore Italy’s Largest, Most Beautiful, Yet Least Well-Known Lake

Combine unparalleled scenery, mountain vistas, and waterfront accommodations, and you’ve discovered Lake Garda – the perfect destination for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and unwinding!

A gem among European lakes, Lake Garda is renowned for its clear blue water, and is fantastic for swimming, windsurfing, sailing, and relaxing. But not unlike the Dolomite Mountains just a few hours north, the area features plenty of opportunities for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking.

As a classic "lakes and mountains" destination, you can stroll between villages amidst vineyards, or take strenuous hikes up peaks that tower above the northern part of the lake. It is one of the best mountain biking locations in Europe, featuring a good network of trails ranging from rugged mountainous terrain to small hills and farming areas. And the rock climbing here is world renowned, with Arco as its centerpiece.

Add to that – picturesque villages, medieval castles, lakeside promenades, luxury hotels, thermal spas, islands to explore, a treasure trove of outstanding cuisine made from local produce, and stunning views down onto the lake from the peaks above, and you have yourself the perfect holiday destination!

Join us lakeside!

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