Photo & Video Safaris

Capture the Essence of the Dolomites

Our Photo and Video Safaris give you the opportunity to truly “capture” the Dolomite Mountains. From lush valleys to towering peaks, these mountains offer endless opportunity for exploration, photography, and videography!

The Dolomites feature an incredible variety of diverse landscapes that offer breathtaking panoramas at every turn. And on our Photo and Video Safaris, we’ll take you to the most picturesque places, at the best times of day, and help you develop your skills so you can create incredible images and stories that will last a lifetime! 

You’ll find a breathtaking mixture of soaring peaks, elegant spires, and sheer rock faces just waiting to be recorded. Notable for their composition of pale colored dolomite – a limestone like rock formed beneath deep, ancient seas – the dolomitic rock sits atop a darker volcanic bedding, and creates a beautiful visual contrast with colors that change throughout the day. Pair this with the intricacies of deep valleys, incredible detail found in the amazing flora and fauna, and a beautiful people and culture, and you have innumerable subject matter for your images.

And did we mention the food? Whether sitting down for a “regular” meal, or photographing in a local kitchen, you’ll want to capture every morsel that crosses your lens (or your plate)!

Join us for a scheduled group trip, or let us customize a photo or video journey just for you!

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