Activity Levels

There is a Dolomite Mountains trip for everyone!

Whether you're a hiker, skier, climber, or cyclist, a summer or winter outdoors enthusiast, looking for a relaxed vacation, or up for a challenge – we have a trip for every interest and activity level.

To help you choose the trip that's just right for you, each trip has an activity level. These range from easy to challenging, based on the terrain encountered and the level of exertion required. Easier trips stay down in the valleys or use lifts to reach higher elevations for activities. As the trips increase in difficulty, steeper or rockier paths are encountered, and fewer lifts and transfers are used. Check out the activity level descriptions for more information!

Of course, we'd be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect trip for  you  – call or email us, and we'll help guide you. Whatever level of trip you chose, you'll have spectacular vistas of these incredible mountains throughout!



Our easy to moderate trips are great for people who want to see the Dolomites at a relatively relaxed pace yet still want to feel like they got some exercise and for families with children.




Moderate trips are active, with full days of activities. These trips are perfect for people who want to be active yet still have some time to explore the cultural aspects and opportunities for relaxation available in the Dolomites in the afternoon.



Our moderate to challenging trips are demanding, with a whole lot of fun along the way. There will be no question in your mind whether you accomplished something at the end of each day!



Our challenging trips are exactly that – challenging! These trips are designed for guests in excellent physical condition who have a strong spirit of adventure.