Travel Update - Coronavirus

Coronavirus Update – Travel in the Dolomites and Northern Italy

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Updated 30 June 2020 

We are thrilled to announce that the Italian government is easing the lockdown of our country. Actions taken in Italy to reduce the spread of Coronavirus have been successful, and measures have been put into place to prevent another outbreak. We invite you to join us in our celebration, and we look forward to hosting you in the Dolomites and Beyond soon!

On 3 June 2020 Italy began to reopen its international borders, as did the majority of other European countries. Travel to and from Italy is now permitted with no restrictions for the following countries:

  • the European Union member states (EU), European states party to the Schengen Agreement (the 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders), the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of San Marino, and Vatican City State.
  • Travel between regions within Italy is no longer restricted

This was included in a decree issued by the Italian government on 17 May 20. The reopening for the remaining European countries is forecasted for 16 June, with the majority of other borders open by July 1. As Italy increasingly allows travel to and from other countries, each country in turn will have to define its own rules regarding whether it will reciprocate.

Additionally, there is no longer a mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for visitors arriving from abroad. However, the government decree says individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or have had close contact with people with the virus will still be subjected to mandatory quarantine measures, although it is unclear how that will be enforced.

While these new regulations do not yet apply to residents of the United States, the European Commission is considering allowing nonessential travel into the European Union from outside its member states, expected to begin as early as 15 June 2020. On 29 February 2020, the US Department of State issued a Travel Advisory for Italy, the majority of country with a Level 3 Travel Advisory (Reconsider Travel), and the regions of Lombardy and Veneto a Level 4 (Do Not Travel). As the number of cases of COVID-19 in Italy continues to decrease, and Italy continues to demonstrate its ability to limit the spread the virus, we anticipate that these travel advisories will be lifted.


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As Italy emerges from lockdown, we’d like to spread the joy and celebrate with you!
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Additionally, due to the impact of the Coronavirus, we have updated our payment and cancellation policies for new  bookings scheduled to depart Summer and Fall 2020:

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, we have updated our payment and cancellation policies for new bookings scheduled to depart Summer and Fall 2020:

Deposits and Full Payment:
While trip deposits will remain at 30% of the trip cost, full payment will not be due until 30 days before departure (rather than our usual 60 days). Our hope is that this provides you more flexibility in booking and confirming your trip.

For bookings scheduled to depart between June and November 2020 Free Cancellation until 15 days before departure
For trips up to €1000 a non-refundable administration fee of €100 will be applied at time of booking
For trips over €1000 a non-refundable administration fee of €200 will be applied at time of booking

These charges are a percentage of the total cost of the booking. Transfers from Summer-Fall 2020 trips can be applied to any 2020 or 2021 trip. Cancellation days indicated are from trip departure date. All cancellation requests must be made in writing.


Dolomite Mountains Commitment

The health and safety of our guests, guides, and staff is a top priority for us here at Dolomite Mountains. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has posed a challenge to commerce and travel world-wide, leaving many would-be travelers wondering what to do. We understand your concerns and want to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely, following the guidance of Italian national and International health organizations (see list below for additional resources)

We know that Dolomite Mountains guests are intrepid travelers. And we believe the best action we can take for our guests is to continue to create unique, active outdoor experiences that are beyond extraordinary. Therefore, as of today, we plan to run trips this summer and beyond, unless travel is restricted by local or global authorities. We have been and will continue to communicate with our travelers on a case by case basis about any potential changes.

We want to make sure you to feel comfortable and confident in your travels with us. Should you have any concerns, we want to make it easy for you to reschedule your trip for a future date. When you are ready to travel again, we are here for you.

Travelling in the Covid 19 Times

Additional Information 

If you still have concerns, the following resources can provide you with additional information:

Again, this is a fluid situation, which we are monitoring carefully. The health and safety of all our guests, guides, staff, friends, and family is our top priority. We will continue to update this page, and contact guests directly if new information becomes available or if your departure is impacted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cari saluti,