Solo Travelers

Journey Solo – Your Trip, Your Way

Travel on your own, or with a guide, or on a small group departure.

Sometimes you just need to get away on your own, without the hassle of coordinating schedules with family or friends, or having to compromise on a destination or activities. To take a break from reality, and shift your perspective. That’s what solo journeys are made for. 

At Dolomite Mountains, we love your spirit! When you book a solo private departure with us, you can be accompanied by one of our incredible guides, or truly travel alone and enjoy a self guided adventure. Regardless of which way you go, you have the flexibility to choose your activities and experience things at your own pace. You can also join a group departure as a single, and travel with a small group. And even on our Group Trips, there’s plenty of time to pursue your own interests!

Whichever you decide, you have the security of knowing that every detail is taken care of, and that you are expected somewhere at the end of each day. While most of our trips are available for Solo Travel, below are a few of our favorites. Or, let us design a custom solo trip, just for you!

Go solo!

NOTE: We know traveling alone can get expensive, and we want to help. For solo travelers we do not charge single supplement.

Sample itineraries for inspiration