Discover Multisport Trips, with Activities for Every Interest and Activity Level!

Combine exhilarating hiking, mountain and/or road biking, with via ferrata and/or rock climbing, and you may have found your perfect trip!

There are so many things to do in the Dolomites, how on earth can you choose? Fortunately, you don’t have to! On our amazing Dolomite Mountains Multisport Trips, we offer a variety of activities for every interest and activity level. You can combine hiking, climbing via ferrata, and rock climbing… or just hiking and via ferrata… or hiking and mountain biking and/or road biking… or add canyoning or river rafting or horseriding to the mix… or, or, or… We can create an itinerary that includes any combination of sports that you can dream up – and we’ll tailor the trip activities as well as the individual difficulty levels to your interests and needs.

What’s more, depending on the activities you pick, you can choose from fully guided to self guided, or a combination of the two! On our multisport itineraries, we visit the same incredible areas we explore on our other trips, but from a variety of perspectives – up, down, and across – all on one trip. Of course… you can be certain that throughout your active adventure, you’ll experience the beauty of this incredible range of mountains, and take advantage of the very best the Dolomites has to offer.

Hike, Bike, Climb, Repeat!

Sample itineraries for inspiration