Leisure & Well-Being

Embark on a Leisurely Tour of Italy, Experiencing Hidden Gems and Italian Classics

Delve into unexpected landscapes, cultures, artistic treasures, and architectural wonders, as you explore Italy at a leisurely pace and experience the warmth and authenticity of Italian culture.

On a Dolomite Mountains Leisure Trip, we’ll take you on a journey through ancient lands and spectacular landscapes – around the edges of the Dolomite Mountains. Choose between hidden gems away from the classic tourist routes, the Italian “classics,” or a little of both – many of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites! 

Uncover the secrets tucked away in small hamlets, medieval castles, and ancestral monasteries. Follow ancient trade routes, and explore Italian history and culture, archaeological ruins, and modern cities. Hike or bike on paths and trails used by the locals for centuries. And relax in pretty little villages, away from the noise and chaos of the city.

Journey at your own leisurely pace, traveling or on your own or with one of our local guides. Throughout, you’ll enjoy unique experiences missed by most travelers, and savor the incredible cuisine and wines unique to each region you visit. Slow down and absorb the colors, flavors, and breathtaking scenery of Northern Italy. 

Savor Italian lifestyle at its best.


Our Leisure Trips are full of options, to ensure the trip you choose best fits your travel style. Select a guided trip, and enjoy private transfers and a dedicated guide throughout your entire journey. Or choose a self guided itinerary, where you’ll have local city guides at each destination, but will enjoy private transfers all the way. More adventurous? Use your own vehicle, and enjoy the freedom to explore the countryside from behind the wheel, plus the benefit of local guides at each destination!

Sample itineraries for inspiration