FINANCIAL TIMES - The wild south: on horseback in a Patagonian estancia

Ever since returning from Argentina, whenever I feel even a twinge of stress, I imagine myself back to an estancia in the middle of nowhere — in Lanín National Park, northern Patagonia, near the Chilean border — belonging to the family of Agustina Lagos Mármol. This was the most luxuriously idiosyncratic riding trip I have ever been on (and I have ridden in Brazil, Uruguay and Chile). It was like mysteriously discovering Argentine relatives you never knew you had and staying on their estate for spectacular riding, fishing (if you fancied it) and idling. From the balcony of my bedroom, I could see the snow-capped Andes and apparently unending space. The exhilarating sense was of the end of the earth as a beginning of pastures new.


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