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Alice Lazzaro, born in 1992, is an International Mountain Leader, UIMLA certificated, living in Dolomites. She is fluent in Spanish and English, in addition to her native Italian. She has practiced mountain activity since she was a child. She began climbing with her father, she attended several courses through The Italian Alpine Club of Padua and, at the age of twenty, she was already an alpinism instructor. She worked for several seasons in mountain huts in the Dolomites, welcoming tourists from all over the globe. She loves to experience different cultures, to meet new people, and to discover hidden corners of the world. Combining this prerogative with trekking, climbing, or skiing she visited the Lofoten Islands (Norway), Sicily, Sardinia, Portugal, Picos de Europa and Maiorca (Spain), Verdon and Briancon (France), Georgia, Jordan, Palestine and Israel, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal and also the most remote peaks of Patagonia (Fitz Roy, Cerro Colorado, Frey, Piedra Parada). She worked also as Group Leader for a travel agency, Viaggi Solidali, on two 10-day treks in Langtang, Nepal.

Alice gladly tried many individual sports such as artistic gymnastics, and team sports such as volleyball, but she never liked competitions too much. Finally, when she was eighteen, she found yoga, a discipline that matches mind and body together. She attended a three-year school to become a yoga teacher and graduated in 2020 from the ISFIY (Istituti Superiori Federazione Italiana Yoga). She specialized in Educational Yoga from the CAF (Corso di Alta Formazione) at the University of Padua. She works as yoga teacher with children in schools. She is also making her business grow in the Dolomites: “Il Respiro della Montagna” (The Breath of the Mountain), a long weekend yoga retreat with trekking and outdoor experiences.
She graduated in Social Work at the University of Padua (2014) and worked a bit in this field but was always searching for a connection with nature: she collaborated with Equilibero, an association that works with Mountain Therapy, accompanying young people with drug addiction on multi-day trekking. Thanks to Boy Scouts she learned to enjoy fatigue, take on responsibilities, help other people and work as part of a team. She is convinced that the magic of life is hidden inside small things, and we must remember to look at the world with wonder. With this in mind, she has practiced different forms of theater workshops with children, teenagers and adults.
Mountains are a constant presence in her life, a safe place to find herself, but also a place of growth and sharing.

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