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Carlo Cosi

Carlo is a mountain lover in all its forms. From an early age, it was clear that his trajectory was to become a guide! Since childhood he spent time in the mountains. He started skiing at the age of 4, and at age 14 he climbed at the Dolomites’ Cinque Torre, where his passion for climbing was born. Carlo began to climb more often, taking courses with Alpine Guides. Close to home he climbed each day after school, and as he developed his skills, he started to explore the grander paradise of the Alps, while retaining a fondness for the Dolomites. In high school he became a sport climbing instructor; while at University he studied to become an Mountain Guide. Carlo has climbed all over the Alps, taken part in expeditions outside Europe, and competed in Freeride Skiing. Today, in addition to being an Alpine Guide, Carlo is a National Climbing Instructor.

I want to be able to transmit my passion and all that has been transmitted to me in recent years to all those who are my companions on adventures.”

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Hiking, Via Ferrata, Climbing, and Skiing Guide

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