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Dario Betton

Born and raised at the foot of the Dolomites, Dario spent each summer of his youth hiking in the mountains. In high school he studied Precision Mechanics, and his first years working included dust, iron, and manpower – not the life Dario had dreamt of for himself! So he made a change, became a Hiking Guide, and fulfilled his childhood dream. A passion for trail running developed, which became his all time favorite way of expressing himself in the mountains, and today he competes in ultra marathons and sky races. When Dario is not guiding or running, he cultivates two other passions: woodcarving and photography. In fact, his four-legged partner, a chocolate Labrador, takes its name from the Spanish word for wood: Madera. Dario has traveled extensively across Europe, and visited the USA and UK once each. While he hopes to travel more, he enjoys spending time in the mountains and sharing his passion.

I'm proud of Dolomites, of history and Italian traditions, so my mission is to show everyone all the secrets about this powerful reality… But for me it's even more: it completes my soul.”

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Hiking and Trail Running Guide

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Italian, English, and is learning Spanish

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