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Marco Pellegrini

Marco hails from the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. For many, these mountains are considered too remote and wild, but Marco loves the distance from civilization and the outstanding beauty of this area. As a child he spent afternoons in the woods looking for a tree or a rock to climb and a river to explore. Once he started climbing, he fell in love immediately, taking on “real mountains” beyond his backyard. He took his passion to Australia for a year, and learned English along the way. After graduation as a surveyor, Marco worked in an office, but quickly realized that it was not his way. So he became a Mountain Guide, a profession he deeply loves to this day. What thrills him the most, and pushes him to continually improve his skills, is the chance to share his passions with like-minded people, and the mutual feeling of accomplishment.

Was it the luck to live here to make me passionate to the mountains, or has this passion always been part of me? Who knows…”

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Hiking, Via Ferrata, Climbing, and Skiing Guide

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Italian, English, and Spanish

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