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Paolo Posocco

Paolo hails from a small town in the Veneto region and, from a young age, has practiced many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and skiing. In recent years, Paolo developed an interest in trail and sky running – mountain running above 2,000 meters (6,562'), where the incline exceeds 30%. He enjoys all aspects of mountain life, and while outdoor sports are his favorite activities, he also spends quality time admiring the beauty of the mountains in complete stillness, enjoying the vivid colors and the deep silence.
Paolo studied engineering at the University of Padova and became a drilling engineer. After too much time spent in an office, his love for the mountains led him to also become a hiking guide. He hopes a position and way of life will soon completely replace his office career! When Paolo is not on the mountain or in the office, he dedicates his free time to managing a holiday home, acting in a local theater company, meeting up with friends, cooking, and reading. Paolo speaks Italian, English, and some Spanish.

“The beauty of Nature can make us better people, if we allow it to resonate within us“

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Italian, English and some Spanish

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