Far beyond the aesthetic contours of Milan, the zum-zum-zum of Rome, of the bucolic landscapes of Tuscany and of the Neapolitan frenzy it comes out a scenario  built by secular streets, colorful people and a generous amount of snow. We are in one of the most beautiful and unique regions of Italy – in the far northeastearn of the "boot", in the province of Belluno. Is there between temperatures that border the ten degrees during the months of December to February (even if there is a resident complaining that is too "caldo", warm in the local language), which begins one of the most interesting trips in the winter season.

Although Champagne is a drink characteristic of the neighboring country, the bubbles are also success there, especially in gastronomic meetings everyday. By the way, the food is one of the national passions – along with soccer and with temperate conversations by olive oil and prosciutto in one of those machines called "Ferrari of the cold".
The starting point is Venice, which also serves as a plot for a Bachelor Party with wanting more. Is Marco Polo merchant city below towards San Lo-renzo di Sebato, a charming village overlooking valleys perennials. At the top of the Dolomites-rock formation typical of the Alps, World Heritage since 2009, Unesco – just over three hours drive from Orio to veneziano, lies the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge (, the  couple Giorgia Brioni and Stefano Bernini, figurines known by the fashion world.

The hotel is a mix of House and luxury lodge with peculiarities that no other space seems to make. With a few accommodations (there are only three suites and a family room nicely "Hobbit"dormitory, character of J.R.R Tolkien's literature), the 300-square-foot Chalet maintains the biases of cabin, with warm and romantic decor. In each door there are pieces of wood in the shape of a heart. In the old basement was designed the winery, which displays 1,500 labels pan-of different Italian communes. In the kitchen, the menu with typical flavours of Trentino is signed by the hostess with the mostest of hair trapped and wrapped the waist apron, makes Diners forget any promise to preserve lean silhouette. "Some say that meals that Giorgia prepares tailored like a Brioni suit served in the dish," quips Stefano. Voi-là! The suits in question are the Favorites of the British nobility and the hottest movie secret agent: James Bond.

In order not to lose the line of time, follow the guidance of Agustina Marmol, founder of the Dolomite Mountains (, and responsible for transforming their days in absolutely unforgettable experiences. Is the step of argentine with the first globalized DNA adventure – trekking to 14 kilometers on ice – happens. The cold is merely a supporting role, as they are programmed to-of to tasting sparkling wine and Parmesan cheese, the fireplace, with a huge Cup of hot chocolate and blanket on your lap.

La Donna Della Montagna
Leaving behind the fog that covers the field of golf 18 holes of the Lodge, the stay following is carved in little San Cassiano. The Relais & Châteaux Rosa Alpina ( guard unique attractions, combining the tradition of its premises to modernity typical of the 21 century. If the idea is to relax, the spa Daniela Steiner Cosmetics network (www. is applied for effective, but if the adrenaline pulsing hard, enjoy skiing (or take some classes with the teacher. A luxury!).
On top of high mountains Badia, the Lodge Las Vegas (, the ebullient Ulli Crazzolara, comes as oasis amid the panorama álgido. In the interiors of the property, the accommodation are modern have a rustic touch and awarded by scorching wood; already on the outside, the sauna is encapsulated that featured wins over the frozen earth. The restaurant with large panoramic Windows conquest passersby, who, starving, can't resist plenty of table ladina.
Although the city doesn't have more than a thousand people, there is in their vicinity five restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide. The St. Hubertus, the Rosa Alpina, boasts two stars, while La Siriola ( has a, with the status of being piloted by the younger chef des-If select team, Matteo Metullio, of 24 years. And it was because of his boldness in unconventional combinations that he snapped at the early success. The environment still has room for consideration of 50 different kinds of chocolate. Is for chocoholic no botar defect!
Callous by successive falls – but recomposed for freedom that the ski descents provide, grab the opportunity to explore Cortina d'Ampezzo, unbe-zada in the areas of Veneto. Greater than the pre-ceding offices, the city's bustling shopping center and popular hotel chain, the example of the Grand Savoy (, mixing refinement and be-customized concierge services.

La Dolce Vita
After the season, the mountain trip  ends like the level of the sea, fascinating Venice. For its 400 bridges connecting the 177 canals and the 118 small islands, tourists can walk quietly. "It's important to lose through the alleys and narrow streets that make up the place. And don't even bother to be oriented by map, being swept  by instinct is part of your fascination", said Agustina. But to do this is necessary to to navigate, so reserve a good amount of euros for the payment of the boatmen (a crossing 30 minutes cost on average 100 euros). The gondolas are also not cheap, but how to resist the booming voice of baritone  and the tenors amateurs who run the ships?

The Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo (bauerpalazzo. hotelinvenice. com) is great for those who have little time and need to get the most out of your stay. The know-how of architectonic icon since its inauguration, this in 1850, flicker as attractive. With palatial aura, its 72 rooms reflect the glamour in plotting with Crystal décor Baccarat, mosaics, marble and carved furniture. Guests can request a water taxi (free) to Murano – where famous glasses are made of homonyms. Browse the factories to see firsthand the work of "maestros" and the beautiful pieces produced, primarily on B.F. portentous Sign-Rett (, where the former WINS playful and innovative entretons under the looks of the new generation of designers.

This is how, with spiked feet over hundreds of years of history and with promising horizons that are still to come, that Italy becomes the best route for two, with family in tow or with the company of mochi-la in the back. Exactly as he wrote Marlena de Blasi, in the novel a thousand days in Venice, "from time to time, our life is illuminated by something or someone. So, we see a Flash of light and call it happiness ".