5 Foods You Must Try in the Dolomites

5 Foods You Must Try in the Dolomites

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to the Italian Dolomites then you’re in for an amazing treat.  Breathtaking views, serene pastures and ancient villages will provide you an experience you’ll never forget and the endless activities available in the area will leave you with stories to tell for years to come.  One thing you may not have considered yet, but that you’ll want to add to your “to-do” list is which foods to try while you’re there. 

The Dolomites are rich with delectable treats and endless traditional for visitors to feast on. But there are five foods in particular that should be considered the “must try” items.


Tris di Canederli (three tastings of canederli) – this is basically three delicious balls of bread (farm-style dumplings approaching the size of tennis balls!). The canederli usually contain Speck, a type of cured ham similar to proscutto and produced only in the South Tyrol, and are served “en brood” or a soup-like broth.

Game meat – if you truly want to get a taste of the land, you must try a dish or two of one of the local game meats that are prevalent in the Dolomites, such as cervo (deer), daino (fallow deer), capriolo (roe buck), Camoscio (chamois, or a goat-antelope native to Europe), and stambecco (ibex, or mountain goat).

Tris of Pasta of Rifugio Averau – a “specialty” of this cozy restaurant, which also offers affordable accommodations.

Polenta – often referred to as “the bread of the Dolomites”, this versatile dish made from yellow maize (corn) is served a number of different ways, depending mainly on the season. Enjoy it cut into slices and fried or grilled during summer, accompanied by Parmesan cheese or freshly picked mushrooms. Or on a cold winter day a steaming bowl of polenta with sausages or tomatoe sauce or gulasch (a tasty meat stew) cannot be beat!

Apfelstrudel– you’ve probably heard of or even tried this treat – apple strudel in English! – but you’ve never had it prepared as good as the Italians make it!


We should also mention that there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from in the Dolomites, and some, like Rifugio Averau, have their own specialties that are not to be missed.  In fact, the area boasts the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in all the Alps.  A few noteworthy eateries to check out include the Siriola in San Cassiano, the Stüa de Michil in Corvara, and the St. Hubertus in San Cassiano.

While a visit to the Dolomites will most certainly entail unforgettable adventures and brushes with nature at its most magnificent, to truly get the most out of your trip you must also experience the unique food that the area has to offer. 

Bon appétit!

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