5 Reasons to Visit Val Gardena

5 Reasons to Visit Val Gardena

Italy’s Dolomite Mountains are by far one of the most exciting and breathtaking destinations on earth.  With soaring peaks and endless mountain trails making way to peaceful valleys and open pastures, its nature at its very best.  Val Gardena is one of the most popular valleys located within this incredible mountain region.  Visitors there can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities and mingle with a community of people who embrace their ancient heritage and fascinating culture. 

There are countless reasons to plan a trip to Val Gardena, but here are five that top the list.

There is perhaps no better way to experience pure relaxation than to be surrounded by nature’s awesome beauty.  Val Gardena serves up some of Mother Nature’s most incredible handiwork, from the majesty of the surrounding mountains to the splendid flowering meadows.  Experience the amazement of how strolling along ancient trails, breathing the pure mountain air or watching a brilliant red sunset can relax the body and clear the mind.  It is relaxation like nothing you’ve ever known.

Art and Culture
The rich history of the Dolomites and the people who have called them home for generations have helped shape the unique and fascinating culture that is found within the tiny villages nestled below.  For centuries these friendly, welcoming people have carried on the traditions of those who came before them, from hand-carved sculptures to exquisite paintings, to the very language they speak.  The valley of Val Gardena is no exception to this, with museums and galleries dedicated to exhibiting the area’s most treasured works.  And with some 90% of the population fluent in Ladin, the ancient indigenous language, visitors can experience a piece of Dolomites culture just by listening.

Any traveler knows that part of experiencing a different land and culture includes tasting the local cuisine.  Val Gardena has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and other eateries designed to provide gastronomical delight to diners of all genres, from the amateur food lover to the most distinguished palate.  In addition, many of the local mountain huts and rifugios boast first-class restaurants run by some of the best chefs in the world.  Traditional dishes like polenta and tris di canederli are made with fresh, local ingredients and are filled with the flavor and personality of the region allowing visitors to get a true taste of the Dolomites. 

One of the most interesting sights to see during your stay in the Dolomites is the plethora of mountain huts, called rifugios, which are found scattered all along the mountainside.  These structures vary in size and amenities but all provide a haven for hikers and skiers, especially after a long day on the trails.  Some offer the most basic of shelter while others provide a more luxurious stay, right down to full service restaurants with fine dining prepared by world-class chefs.  It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind while experiencing the authentic mountain atmosphere.

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for visiting the Dolomites is the incredible and seemingly endless array of outdoor activities available there.  Val Gardena is famous for the 175 km of challenging ski slopes, including part of the Dolomiti Superski , a massive multi-valley network of ski routes, and world famous Sella Ronda, a circular route that winds around the incredible Sella massif.  If skiing isn’t your sport of choice, there are plenty of other winter activities, like snowboarding and tobogganing.  During the warmer months, Val Gardena is perfect for hiking, cycling and mountaineering.  There are so many activities, it’s almost impossible to fit them all in.

A trip to the Dolomites is sure to be filled with adventure, wonder and memories to last a lifetime and the Val Gardena valley is the perfect location to truly experience what the Dolomites has to offer.  With an ideal combination of outdoor recreation, rich culture and luxurious relaxation, there truly is something for everyone in this beautiful mountain paradise.