Need Another Reason to Visit the Dolomites? Let Your Stomach Lead the Way!

Need Another Reason to Visit the Dolomites? Let Your Stomach Lead the Way!

Between spectacular skiing and other outdoor adventures, glorious scenic views (some of the best on earth), and the rich and fascinating culture of the area, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason not to come stay and play awhile. In case these things aren’t enough to lure you in, perhaps one of the best features of the Dolomites region is the delicious food it offers.

Why is the food so good here? Well, it is Italy, after all! Combine the fact that the Italians are known worldwide for their rich and flavorful ingredients and dining options (and let’s not forget the exquisite wine produced here), along with the presence of a high concentration of Michelin star rated chefs, and you’ve got a delicious recipe for gastronomical success!

In the Dolomites, there are dining options to please just about any preference, from quaint, family run mountain huts serving traditional dishes of the Ladin culture to tasty slope-side treats to gourmet meals with luxury table service. The chefs around here are intimately familiar with the rich source of local ingredients, from mouthwatering fresh produce to meats and fish, many of which are prepared using the same age-old recipes and cooking styles that have been used for generations. The result is a delectable combination of flavors that is as memorable as any other part of your visit.

The reason the ingredients from this region are so flavorful is the unique combination of elements found here. In most areas, the sun is shining much of the time, providing an ample source of warmth and light, while the high location of the pastures and mineral-rich soil offer up the perfect combination for producing spectacular produce. In fact, the produce grown in the Dolomites even has its very own quality mark, known in Italian as Sudtiroler Qualitat.

It’s really a beautiful cycle of events that has occurred here in the Dolomites in terms of cuisine, as the unique and delectable ingredients have drawn aspiring chefs from around the world, who in turn have stayed and now create signature meals, along with traditional dishes, that are enough to make your taste buds tingle. In fact, South Tyrol is currently home to at least 18 chefs that have been rated by Michelin for their extraordinary talent.

Some of the more classic dishes you will find during your stay in the Dolomites include Spatzle, a green pasta similar to gnocchi; Kaiserschmarren, a pancake-like treat served with raisins; and Specknodel, bread dumplings that contain speck (a specially cured type of ham). These are just a few, but definitely should be among your top “must-try” foods while you’re here.

While the year-round adventure, spectacular panoramic views, rich history and fascinating culture are among the top reasons to visit the Dolomites, the cuisine is one of the biggest reasons people keep coming back for more. If you’re on the fence about whether to make a trip to this region, why not let your stomach do the talking for you? Come on – give us a try. We promise – your taste buds will thank you!