4 Reasons to Visit Colfosco

4 Reasons to Visit Colfosco

Based at an impressive 1,645 metres above sea level, the peaceful mountain village of Colfosco boasts one of the highest altitudes in of all of Alta Badia.  Its height isn’t all that sets this locale apart – the ideal and convenient location is also a plus for visitors.  Not only can it be reached via Val Badia, but also via Passo Gardena.  It is an ideal point of departure for the Sella Ronda and a variety of outdoor sports and adventures in the neighboring mountain ranges and offers some incredible views of the rugged surrounding terrain.  If you’re still on the fence about whether to include a trip to Colfosco on your Dolomites travel itinerary, here are 4 reasons we think you should.

 Hike and Bike – While the area is certainly ideal for winter activities, Colfosco is particularly great for fun in the warmer months.  The fact that it’s surrounded by woods and gentle mountain slopes, as well as the fact that the area boasts a total of 8 high-altitude trails makes Colfosco perfect for those summertime hikes and mountain bike excursions.  And of course, anywhere you venture will afford you fantastic views of the nearby Sella Mountain Group. 

Scenery – Situated at the foot of charming Passo Gardena, on the brink of the Puez-Odle nature park and with the majestic Sella massif towering above, the town of Colfosco provides some of the best views in the Dolomites.  If the natural beauty around you isn’t enough, there is also plenty of fascinating old landmarks to take in, like the small Gothic church that dates back to the year 1420 with its exquisite onion shaped bell tower.  Everywhere you turn in Colfosco there’s something to be seen and discovered.

Family Fun – Families love Colfosco because there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.  In the heart of the village is a children’s zoo which is home to a variety of different animals and where visitors can learn about the lives of the local farmers.  There’s also an adventure park which is built into the splendid larch forest and offers a series of pathways ranging in difficulty from the most simple for the little ones to the more advanced for the experts of the family.  With a total of 600 meters of rope and 71 platforms that reach up to a breathtaking 19 meters high, it’s a truly adrenaline-pumping way to experience the Dolomites and bond as a family.  What’s more, the entire park was created and designed in a completely environment-friendly way.

Rich Tradition – One of the most enjoyable features of this little mountain village is the fact that its residents are so fiercely proud of their Ladin heritage.  As such, just about everywhere you go you will experience some of the areas customs and traditions that have been passed down and carried out for generations.  From the food they prepare and eat to the language they speak and their distinct crafts, the locals of Colfosco remain refreshingly true to their past.  If you come at the right time, you may even be able to experience one of the many events held in the area that are aimed at preserving and celebrating this unique culture.

 Whether it’s the ideal location, ample activities and events or rich, colorful culture of the area, a visit to Colfosco is certainly one of the best ways to experience the Dolomites.  These are just a few of the countless reasons you should make a trip here a part of your must-see list.