Ski Tour Options

Ski Tour Options

We’ve selected these Ski Tour options for their incredible skiing, breath-taking scenery, fascinating history, or savoury cuisine, and, in many cases, all of the above!

The Sellaronda
This fantastic tour circumnavigates the Sella Massif, and is one of the most spectacular ski tours of the world. This unique circular connection of lifts and runs connects four Dolomite passes and four Ladin valleys, so you’ll have the opportunity to see more of the Dolomites in one day than many see on an entire trip!

The Great War Ski Tour
Known by a variety of names including the Great War Ski Tour, the Freedom Tour, the Giro della Grande Guerra, and the First World War Ski Tour, this tour takes skiers under the cliff walls of some of the most amazing Dolomites summits and offers breath-taking panoramic views unmatched anywhere in the world. It also takes you around the Col di Lana, the epicentre of the battles between Austrian, German and Italian troops, where your guide can show you a rich history of various war-relics – a veritable open-air museum of WWI history.

Ski Tour Olympia
In 1956, the Winter Olympics were broadcast on television for the first time – EVER – taking place on the slopes of the Dolomites’ Cortina d’Ampezzo! Ski like an Olympian on the Pista Olympia (Stratofana), where the Downhill race was held; the Pista Vitelli, home to the Giant Slalom; and the Pista "A" Col Druscié, famous for the Slalom. The Olympia Tour offers a variety of slopes to suit skiers of differing skill levels, so skiers of all ability levels can participate in this historic and unique ski arena!

Marmolada Ski Tour
Marmolada boasts the highest peak of all the Dolomites, reaching 3,342 meters (10,965'), and provides some of the most spectacular skiing experiences and beautiful on earth. An incredible tour, it covers over 1,300 meters (4,265') in elevation and offers an astonishing 12 kilometer-long (7.5 mile-) run.

Trevalli Ski Tour (Tour of Emotions)
This tour is set in such natural beauty that it often evokes strong feelings from those who partake. Exciting views of the Dolomite peaks follow one after another as you travel through the natural park of Paneveggio, and runs such as Col Margherita, from which there are incredible 360° panoramic views of Civetta, Marmolada, and the Catinaccio chain of mountains.

The 1970 Gardena World Championship Tour
This tour consists of some of the most amazing ski slopes in the world, and Val Gardena hosted several 1970 World Champions including Karl Schranz, Annerösli Zryd, the Swiss Bernard Russi – which is how the tour got its name.

Santa Croce Ski Tour (Gourmet Tour)
Perhaps the best has been saved for last, as this tour offers the finest of everything in the Dolomites: easy to moderate ski slopes for families and skiers looking for a day of relaxation, accompanied by a feast of local delicacies along the entire tour. Skiers can stop, take in the breath-taking views of the area, and enjoy delicious cuisine accompanied by a savoury glass of local wine.