Typical Snow Conditions in the Dolomites

Typical Snow Conditions in the Dolomites

Winter in the Dolomites is a magical time, for many reasons. Whether you come for the spectacular scenery, venture here to take part in the magnificent outdoor adventure, visit for the culture and cuisine, or some combination of the above, one thing is for certain. Snow is what makes the Dolomites truly come alive. So how can you be sure that when you visit the fluffy white stuff will be plentiful? Simple: it’s guaranteed. Here’s how.

A Natural Winter Wonderland
Ski enthusiasts can attest that there is perhaps nothing better than seeing a snow capped peak as you head out for a day on the slopes. The Dolomites offer some of the world’s best skiing, with 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) of slopes, and plenty of on and off-piste opportunities, as well as options for skiers of all skill levels. You can’t have all of this without fresh snow, though, which is another reason the Dolomites are the destination of choice for outdoor winter activities. The location of these mountain ranges, combined with their altitude, create the perfect conditions for winter weather – plenty of white flakes followed by sun-soaked outdoor adventure. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Technology Lends a Hand at the Resorts
Of course, Mother Nature can’t always be counted on to provide the perfect conditions, so the innovative folks that call this winter paradise home have enlisted the help of technology when the conditions could use a little boost. Nearly 100% of all ski slopes in the Dolomiti Superski area are equipped with modern snowmaking systems, which help to ensure that a fresh blanket of crisp white snow will always be on the ground. Most importantly, the snow generated by these systems isn’t artificial, meaning there are no additives involved. All the snow is produced from the pure water of the local crystal-clear mountain streams and transformed into fine particles of fluffy white snow perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more.

A Special Snowmaking Process
In order for artificial snow to blend perfectly with the natural stuff that is produced from the sky, there is a very special process that must be adhered to. In the Dolomites, the spring water from the mountain streams is pulled in, chilled through the snow making machines and then pumped out at an extremely high level of pressure. As the chilled water falls down, it combines with the sub-freezing conditions of the atmosphere and is then transformed into snow flakes, which blend with the natural snow already on the ground.

Snow is one of the few things on earth that can actually make the already magical Dolomite Mountains even more beautiful. In fact, those who live in the Polar North have more than 10 different words that they use to describe the breathtaking white, fluffy flakes that transform their home into a winter wonderland and attract visitors from around the world. If you enjoy snow, and love taking part in outdoor adventure, the Dolomites are the place to be and with the marriage of nature and technology, you’ll be guaranteed to see plenty of white stuff while you’re here!