What is a Ski Safari?

What is a Ski Safari?

They’re called “ski safaris” and they’re something that the Dolomite Mountains are becoming known for – in fact, the New York Times recently ran a feature article about them. Let’s take a moment to examine just what a ski safari is all about and why it’s something every ski enthusiast must try.

In simplest of terms, a “ski safari” is defined as a multi-day ski trip that takes place across a number of different area resorts, with most – if not all – of the travel between these resorts undertaken on skis and aided by ski lifts. Ski safaris can be on- or off-piste, as both are accessible in the Dolomites via lift service. So, not only do participants have the opportunity to ski some of the most incredible downhill slopes on earth, but they also get to experience cross-country adventure and a variety of different accommodations all in the same trip – and all on skis!

With ski safaris there is little to no uphill skinning or boot packing, although there may be a small amount involved in off-piste adventures. Accommodations are really what make these types of trips most unique and unforgettable. Skiers can choose to spend their evenings either at local hotels or established bed and breakfasts where they will receive high end service, or, for a more authentic mountain experience, they can choose to stay in rifugi, cozy mountain huts that range from basic shelter to first class lodging. Many rifugi even offer dining opportunities from world renowned chefs.

One of the biggest advantages of ski safaris is the fact that these types of ski adventures offer much more than just traditional resort-style skiing. In addition to descending beautiful pistes at the resort, skiers can also move from valley to valley each day without ever having to remove their skis, enjoying different accommodations most nights. It’s adventure meets variety for a truly unique undertaking.

Those participants who chose rifugios as their accommodation of choice will experience the welcoming atmosphere of these warm, cozy alpine inns set high atop the mountains – and savor the excellent culture and cuisine unique to the region. Explore the different huts, each boasting its own unique charm and atmosphere, occasionally stopping at a hotel for a night between huts. Cozy up to the fire where you’ll be welcomed with satisfying strudel and steaming cappuccino.

If you’re into skiing and are up for new experiences, ski safari is the perfect opportunity for you! Discover the mountains in comfort with lifts and cable cars. No hiking, no snowshoeing, no skinning – just skiing, pure and simple with fabulous accommodations along the way. It’s all available to you in the magnificent Dolomite Mountains. Nowhere else in the world can you access such a variety of lift-service skiing terrain covering so much ground for a truly unique experience you’ll never forget!