Why Ski Safari in The Dolomites?

Why Ski Safari in The Dolomites?

If you’re curious about whether a ski safari is something worth trying on your next visit to the magnificent Dolomite region, here are several reasons why you absolutely should add one to your upcoming itinerary.

Dolomiti Superski – The Dolomites are home to some of the most breathtaking and incredible skiing opportunities on earth and the Dolomiti Superski doesn’t disappoint. With 12 ski areas featuring 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) of spectacular prepared pistes, skiers can experience absolutely unforgettable downhill adventure on one pass. All of this is part of the ski safari experience.

Breathtaking Scenery – Whether you’re riding up a lift, skiing down a mountainside slope, traversing from hut to hut or relaxing at your final destination for the evening, the Dolomite Mountains offer some of the most amazing landscapes and breathtaking natural scenery in the world.

Incredible Family-Run Rifugios – Rifugi are alpine inns or mountain huts that are set high atop the mountains, offering unique accommodations and an authentic cultural experience. Ski safari participants can choose which of these huts to stay in, with accommodations ranging from basic to first class, including culinary masterpieces prepared by world renowned chefs. What’s more, many of these inns have been owned and/or managed by generation after generation of the same family, lending to the warm, authentic alpine experience.

Much More than Classic Resort Skiing – Most ski enthusiasts have already experienced the traditional downhill adventure that mountain resorts offer, but these adventures provide so much more. Participants can also ski cross country from valley to valley, hut to hut, and enjoy a more in-depth cultural experience.

Enjoy Different Accommodations Each Night – One of the nicest features of ski safaris is the variety they offer. Instead of heading back to the same hotel or inn every single night of your trip, you can instead experience a different place each night, adding to the uniqueness and diversity of these unforgettable adventures. Stay in cozy quarters one night and then move on to a luxury stay somewhere else the next.

Mouth Watering, Hearty Alpine Food – They say the best way to experience a new destination is through your taste buds. The Dolomite area is home to excellent culture and cuisine that is unique to the region, prepared the same way with fresh, local ingredients for generations. Many of the rifugios feature full service restaurants that are headed by Michelin-star chefs.

Lift-Service Pistes – In some cases, a direct cross country route from hut to hut simply isn’t feasible. For those situations life service pistes are available to help you move from valley to valley and inn to inn, making it easy to reach your new destination and experience the next adventure that awaits you.

Robust Network of Lifts and Pistes – The network of lifts available in the Dolomite area are conveniently interconnected by resort towns and high mountain rifugi, so whether it’s getting from slope to slope by day or reaching your evening accommodations after a full day of skiing, you’ll have no problem getting to where you need to be.

Never Having to Remove Your Skis – With Ski Safaris, participants can enjoy all of their adventures without ever having to remove their skis. Travel between mountains, across valleys and from hut to hut by foot or using the expansive network of lifts and gondolas.

Plenty of Choices for Accommodations – A key feature of ski safaris is the opportunity to experience authentic mountain life by staying in the cozy rifugios of the area, but participants have plenty of other choices for where they’ll lay their head for the evening. The area also features a wide variety of bed and breakfasts as well as plenty of luxury hotels throughout for those who prefer a more extravagant lodging experience. Or, combine a little of everything - the choice is yours!

These are just a few of the countless reasons ski safaris are fast becoming the adventure of choice for Dolomite visitors across the globe. In fact, these trips were featured in an article by the New York Times and many other mainstream magazines. If you’re a skier and are up for a new experience, a ski safari should be at the top of your must-try list. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Why not come and see for yourself how awesome and unforgettable these trips truly can be?!

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