Why The Dolomites Are the Place to Be for Winter Family Adventure

Why The Dolomites Are the Place to Be for Winter Family Adventure

If you’re planning your next family adventure and are wondering where to go that will provide your clan with all of the adventure, memories and unforgettable experiences needed to make a family vacation truly magical, the Dolomites should be at the top of your list. Here’s why.

Amazing Learning Experience

The ski schools in the Dolomites are specifically oriented towards children. Their main concern is safety on the slopes, but a close second is teaching kids how to have fun and develop a passion for the sport of skiing. There are full-time ski kindergartens available to look after children between 3 and 4 years, and smaller children are cared for in nurseries over lunch time. So, even if your child is too young to strap on skis (although, we think it’s never too early!), there are plenty of options for the rest of the family to hit the slopes and experience world-class skiing at its best.

Unmatched Family Bonding Opportunities

Aside from fun, what’s the most important part of a family vacation? Bonding, of course! What better way to truly develop trust, respect and a deeper appreciation for one another than by experiencing an unforgettable winter getaway together? Let the younger family members marvel at how skilled the older ones are, while parents can feel that swell of pride that comes from watching their young ones learn a new skill, right before their eyes. In the evenings, gather as a group to enjoy delicious local cuisine and experience the unique culture of the area together. There’s simply nothing that knits a family together better than creating memories like the ones that come with a Dolomite vacation.

Virtually Limitless Adventures

There is literally so much to do in the Dolomites, you may not even be able to fit it all into one trip! Apart from learning how to ski, the kids have plenty of opportunities to play in the fantastic winter fun parks of the area, all of which are staffed and managed with the interests of the young ones always at heart. From magical gnomes to other fairy tale figures, fun is the order of the day in the Dolomites. Parents can enjoy their own adventures whilst the children have a great time with mechanized ski lifts and slopes designed just for them, not to mention the slides, snow tunnels, trampolines and other exciting activities – all expertly supervised!

Cost Effective

Believe it or not, Dolomite vacations are much more cost effective than you might imagine – especially when it comes to families. Free ski passes are available for children up to 8 years old and reductions are offered for youngsters up to age 16. There are also a number of ski rentals that offer state-of-the-art equipment at reduced prices for children, so you’ll know your kids are safe on the slopes and you won’t have to break the bank ensuring that! What’s more, these offers are available throughout the entire winter season, so come anytime and you’ll still save!

Everyone Joins the Fun

One of the biggest challenges families face when planning a vacation is finding something that will keep every member of the crew happy. In the Dolomites, there’s truly something for everyone. In fact, the Dolomiti Superski resort is especially qualified for beginners, which means that every person in your family can experience this world class ski area at their own level. Jr. can try his hand at beginner lessons while Mom challenges herself on the bigger slopes. Additionally, many hotels and guest houses offer special services for children, such as entertainment, play areas and delicious menus that keep the young ones more than happy. With a Dolomite adventure, everyone in your party is sure to be satisfied!

If adventure, bonding and unmatched family memories are your goals for your next vacation – and let’s face it, they certainly should be – look no further than the Dolomite Mountains. We’ve got everything you need to create an unforgettable family getaway that you’ll all be talking about for many years to come! 

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