Via Ferrata Cesare Piazzetta Dolomites Sella, Piz Boé, 3152m

If it’s a challenging climb you’re after, then the Piazzetta via ferrata is the one for you.  Its itinerary is one of the most demanding in all the Dolomites, boasting near-vertical ascents that can only be conquered with the use of appropriate gear.  The faint of heart need not attempt this breathtaking route.  Those brave enough and skilled enough, however, will be rewarded with panoramic views and a truly unforgettable experience.

You can access this ferrata through a variety of ways, each leading to the metal plaque announcing its starting point.  From Corvara, take either the Boé or the Vallon lift to reach Rifugio Kostner al Vallon.  Or, follow path 638 from Passo Campolongo to reach the same point. 

Use the short walk to get your blood flowing, because you’re going to need to be warmed up for this one!  If the exhilarating near-vertical start isn’t enough to get your adrenaline pumping, the narrow winding route upwards will.  You’ll know right from the start why this ferrata is considered one of the hardest.  Sure footwork is a prerequisite to tackle the multitude of cables that zigzag up the first vertical wall in alternating directions. 

Once you make the initial ascent, you’ll reach a sharp ledge that leads to a hair-raising small suspension bridge where once again you’ll be reminded of just how challenging this route truly is.  After crossing the bridge, you’ll be rewarded with some nice, manageable rock steps that will direct you to the final crest.  Get ready for a thrill, because this part you’ll have to climb without the use of any cables.  From the crest you have the choice to either head left toward Forc. Pordoi or continue on path 638 to reach the Piz Boé summit at an incredible 3152m. 

From the summit, take a look around.  You’ll realize that the hard fought journey you just undertook was well worth the extra effort when you see the spectacular 360 degree panorama that surrounds you.  Have a gander at the brilliant Sella group or gaze down into Val Mesdi so far below.  You’ll even catch glimpses of Mount Pelmo, Civetta and the magnificent Marmolada.  See the Dolomites from a vantage point unlike any other and breathe in that incredible, pristine mountain air.

For those who choose not to climb all the way to the summit, to descend, head toward Forc Pordoi and then climb down a gully to reach Passo Pordoi.  Those who did make it to the top can either return via path 638 or descend north to get to Forc Pordoi, then on down to Passo Pordoi. 

The Piazzetta-Piz Boé via ferrata is not typically listed among the most popular climbs in the Dolomites, perhaps because many deem it too formidable to attempt.  The route is short, but its steep ascents and areas of terrain that feature little or no equipment make it challenging for even the most skilled mountaineers.  Still, those who do tackle this ferrata are rewarded with an incredible sense of accomplishment and some of the best views the Dolomites have to offer.