Via Ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri Dolomites, Tofane, Punta Anna 2731m

If you’re up for the challenge of a steep climb, then Punta Anna is the perfect via ferrata for you. Feel the exhilaration of the airy and exposed trek as you traverse along sheer mountain faces and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views along the way. This ferrata is also delightfully versatile because it can easily be combined with several others that are nearby, allowing climbers to turn one adventure into several.

The Punta Anna via ferrata can be accessed from Rifugio Dibona by following path 421 to Rifugio Pomedes. There a sign posted path leads leftwards toward the start of the ferrata. The good news is, it’s almost entirely equipped with cables. This means you will have plenty of assistance and support during the lofty ascent which runs along the steep southern arête up Punta Anna and overlooks the Tofana di Mezzo. Once you begin your climb, you’ll be grateful for the help!

Begin your journey by tackling a near-vertical climb along the east face, onto the southwest face and eventually on to the lofty southern arête of Punta Anna. About an hour into your trek, at 2731m, you will be faced with the choice between two directional options. You can either continue up the crest, using the available cables and slabs, on toward the Terza Torre Pomedes and the Doss de Tofana, from which you can travel along the Via Ferrata Gianni Aglio and on toward the summit. Or, head to the left, follow the equipped ledges to the slope leading down from Bus de Tofana and continue on the scree run to path 403, eventually leading back to the ferrata’s starting point.

Because this ferrata is like two different routes combined, it provides climbers the unique opportunity to cover only portions of it as desired and still achieve a sense of accomplishment. It also allows you to experience the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes that the adventure of an airy, exposed climb such as this provides. Catch breathtaking glimpses of neighboring peaks such as Tofana de Rozes, Marmolada and the summits around Passo Giau and Civetta. On a clear day, you may even be able to see the Austrian Alps.

The Punta Anna via ferrata is perfect for expert climbers who are looking for adventure, the exhilaration of a steep climb and want to experience the true natural beauty of the surrounding majestic mountain region. It’s a challenging journey that’s well worth the effort for those skilled enough to conquer it.