Via Ferrata Marmolada Cresta Ovest 3343m

Take one look at the magnificent Marmolada and you’ll know why this incredible massif is often referred to as the Queen of the Dolomites – its sheer size is awe inspiring.  The fact that it can be tackled via ferrata makes it even more amazing.  Given the height, terrain and length of this route, as well as the difficult mountain conditions you may encounter, only those at an expert climbing level should attempt it.  If you are among them, then you are in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Accessible from a number of directions, take path 606 until you reach a rocky section that will bring you to Forcella Marmolada, where the ferrata begins.  Keep in mind that just reaching the starting point of this formidable route typically requires an overnight stay. 

Your journey begins by traveling out of the narrow Forcella della Marmolada, north into a small gully then ascending to a fully equipped polished slab that will bring you through the first section to reach the western crest.  A challenging path, complete with magnificent scenic views, leads you just above the impressive south face.  Some 800m of limestone can be found beneath this face, along with some of the most popular climbing routes in all of the Dolomites.  Continue your trek until you reach the Punta Penia’s snowy summit at an incredible 3343m where you will be confronted by 360 degree panoramic views that are certain to take your breath away.  It is from this, the highest point in the Dolomites, that you will experience the true essence of this beautiful natural landscape.

After taking in the incredible sights, begin your descent by either following the same path you traveled up or by taking the route toward Pian dei Fiancconi, moving along the north face and the Schiena di Mulo crest.  The latter path will bring you over some rocks to the glacier below, and down to the Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi (2625m) where you can hop on a cable car. 

When you’ve completed your trek, be sure to take a moment to celebrate your impressive accomplishment and take note of the massive natural wonder you just conquered.  It’s certain to be an adventure you won’t soon forget.