Via Ferrata Vallon Dolomites, Sella, Sasso delle Nove, 2904m

A refreshingly uncrowded route, Ferrata Vallon offers a beautifully scenic trip around the peaks above Rifugio Vallon. The climb is pretty straightforward, leading up to the lone summit where views abound and then returns back down a lovely and well-equipped path affording breathtaking glimpses of the surrounding Dolomites.

Access the ferrata by taking the Boé lift and the Vallon chairlift from Corvara to reach the Rifugio Kostner al Vallon, which sits high around 2536m. Alternately, follow path 638 from Passo Campolongo or take path 637 from Arabba. When you’ve reached Rifugio Vallon, follow the signs into a rocky ampitheatre, surrounded by the massive Sasso delle Dieci and Sasso delle Nove.  This leads to the start of the ferrata.

Continue upward toward the left, following painted markers past imposing boulders and on to a steep section that begins the ferrata proper.  Here’s where you’ll need to suit up with all your ferrata gear, including your helmet and harness. Once you’re geared up, traverse the available ferrata cable diagonally to the right, toward the waterfall. Be particularly careful during this part of your trek as there are loose and slippery rocks to contend with. 

Here you will cross the provided bridge that runs directly below the waterfall. This area is especially enjoyable on windy days, since the wind-blown water above produces a cool, refreshing mist. After the bridge, the journey progressively gets steeper until you reach the final exposed wall. The climb here is not for the faint of heart! Once you tackle this last wall, you’ll reach the col between Sasso delle Nove and Cima del Vallon where you can continue along a pleasant, easy path.  To make this climb a truly unforgettable trip, consider heading up to the summit of Sasso delle Nove by following the south ridge.  Once you see the magnificent views available from here, you’ll be glad you added this extra adventure to your climb.

Your journey back down includes a circle to the south face of Cima Vallo, on to a marked fork where you can choose to either continue up toward Piz Boè or head down along path 672 to Rifugio Vallon. Just be sure to use the available cables to tackle this exposed descent and be wary of loose rocks which can cause landslides.

If it’s a quiet, unspoiled climb you seek, Ferrata Vallon is the perfect route for you. Challenging yet pleasant terrain gives way to spectacular views and a unique opportunity to experience the peaceful quiet and serenity of the Dolomites.