4 Reasons to Visit San Cassiano

At the foot of the magnificent La Varella mountain lies the small mountain village of San Cassiano boasting the typical Dolomites charm and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility as inviting as the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it.  From historical sites to fine dining and some of the best accommodations in the area, once you find your way to San Cassiano you’ll probably find it hard to leave.  Here are four reasons why a stop in this lovely mountain town is a must for anyone visiting the Dolomites.

Reminders of the Past – The entire Dolomites region was once the site of many epic World War I battles.  San Cassiano is a great place to learn about this past by visiting the many areas that pay tribute to this dark time in history.  Mount Lagazuoi and the Störes Mountain are both locations that offer some intriguing and sobering glimpses into the past and much of what shaped the world into what it is today.

Luxury – San Cassiano offers some of the most luxurious accommodations in all the Dolomites, from elegant hotels to first-class gourmet cuisine – you’ll feel like royalty.  And combine all of this fanciness with the spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, complete with soaring peaks and peaceful pastures and you’ll feel as though you’ve just found heaven on earth.

Cross-Country Trails – Not everyone enjoys the thrill of downhill skiing.  Still others like to balance out their exhilarating descents with peaceful cross-country treks.  San Cassiano has a number of excellent trails that offer fitness combined with magnificent views of the surrounding mountain ranges.  It’s a fantastic way to experience the landscape while also getting your exercise.

Spectacular Sunsets – There is really nothing quite like watching the fiery sun as it sets behind the peaks of the mighty Dolomites, and the San Cassiano offers a particularly good view of this breathtaking daily spectacle.   Enjoy a delicious world-class meal and a glass of local wine while watching the brilliant pink, red and orange hues as they caress the mountain tops or enjoy a late afternoon cross-country outing in the waning light of the sun as it descends into the night.  It’s absolutely captivating.

A quaint little mountain village filled with history, beauty and a little bit of luxury, yet still maintaining its old alpine charm, San Cassiano is the perfect destination for the weary traveler who wants to see the Dolomites from a whole different perspective.  And while there are certainly more reasons to visit beautiful San Cassiano than this, most of those reasons can best be discovered by experiencing the lovely little village for yourself.