Bike Races in the Dolomites

The rugged, challenging terrain of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains, combined with the incredible, breathtaking views and fantastic mountain atmosphere make it the perfect location for cycling enthusiasts to hit the trails and enjoy some of the most exhilarating riding on earth.  Not surprisingly, the area is home to several official bike races where thousands of participants from across the globe compete to conquer the difficult landscape in the hopes of being crowned the winner.

For nearly a century, the Dolomites have been the destination of choice for a variety of bike races, drawing international acclaim and global attention.  Simply put, biking through the Alps is one of the most coveted activities for those who enjoy adventure cycling.  Add to this the fascinating culture of the friendly people who have called this area home for generations and you’ve got a truly unique and unforgettable setting for some of the most well-known and respected bike races on earth.

Some of the famous bike races held in the Dolomites include:

  • Dolomiti Superbike
  • Dolomite Cycling Tour
  • Maratona dles Dolomites (Dolomites Marathon)
  • Giro d’Italia

The terrain and climate can be challenging, but the experience is incredible.  Cycling in the Dolomites is unlike any other biking adventure on earth.  If competing isn’t something you’re interested in, you can join the thousands of excited fans and onlookers as they cheer on the participants.  The atmosphere during races is electric! 

And if watching one of these amazing races inspires you, there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy a bike tour of your own.  From a leisurely roll through the peaceful Dolomite valleys to a demanding climb over rocky paths into higher altitudes, you’ll get the chance to see the Dolomites in a whole new and magical way.  It’s truly the most magnificent place on earth to hit the trails and ride.