Sellaronda Bike Day

While the footpaths and trails that run through the Dolomites offer an incredible sense of peace and respite, the paved roads and high passes that cross these mountains can often be congested with tourists and pleasure drivers, or those simply those trying to get to the next valley to go to work! This is what makes the Sellaronda Bike Day so special.

On Sellaronda Bike Day, the roads and passes that surround the Sella Massif (3,152m / 10,341') are closed to motorized traffic – reserved solely for cyclists and other means of human powered transportation. Imagine enjoying the blissful peace of the mountains and the magical sounds of nature at its best with no sounds of engines or motorized traffic to interfere!

The Sellaronda is a world famous tour referring to circumnavigating the Sella Mountain in the beautiful Dolomites, with various routes depending on the method of transportation. This tour is a coveted route for locals and visitors to the Dolomites alike. Whether it is skied or hiked, cycled on road or on trail, it is an achievement worth boasting about!  And, is considered a classic ride in alpine cycling.

This famous cycling tour circumnavigates the Sella Massif via paved road, summiting all of the mountain passes that surround the Sella Group. The 63-kilometer (39-mile) loop includes four major passes, three of which are higher than 2,000 meters (higher than 7,000'), which surround the Sella, offering not only challenging cycling, but also fantastic vistas.  And each pass (Passo Sella 2,244m / 7,362', Passo Pordoi 2,239m / 7,346', Passo Gardena 2,134m / 7,001', and Passo Campolongo 1,875m / 6,152') provides access to one of the magnificent Ladin valleys below – Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Val di Fassa, and Arabba. The route is nothing short of spectacular.  

First held in 2006, a of 2011 the Sellaronda Bike Day is now offered twice annually – once in early summer as it originally was, and again at the close of the season in mid-September. In 2013, Sella Ronda Bike Days are scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 23, and again on September 15, during which time the Dolomites pass roads will be completely reserved for bicycle traffic only from roughly 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon.

This relaxing, non-competitive bicycling event is open to anyone who wishes to participate – as many as 20,000 have attended in past years! There is no cost to participate in the ride, but T-shirts are available for sale. First aid and bicycle mechanic stations are also available along the route. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that riders follow the counterclockwise direction of the tour; bicycle helmets are required.