WW1 in the Dolomites: what happened during and after

WWI was a war so different from ones previous due to the sheer magnitude, military equipment and man power needed to fight. The war came with many consequences for soldiers, civilians, and the countries involved. There were many large-scale battles during WWI but one unique smaller scale battle would change the course of history for both Italy and Austria.

Between 1915 and 1917 the little know Dolomite front was bitterly fought over between Italy and Austria. Unlike the larger-scale battles this battle was dictated by the landscape of the sizable mountain range. Because of the challenging terrain both countries had to rely on innovative methods of warfare and outstanding acts of bravery. Both sides used attack and mine tunnels that they created to help survive the harsh climates including heavy snow fall and avalanches. When visiting the Dolomites, these amazing networks can be accessed through a variety of war themed hikes. These include a circular hike to Mt Piana, a climb through the spectacular trenches of Mt. Col di Lana, and descent in a well-reserved First World War tunnel in Sass di Stria. The battle ended the morning of October 29th when Italy launched a final victorious offensive ride into the town of Vittorio Veneto.

The battle of the Dolomites may not be the most well know battle of WWI but it was a battle of man-against-man and valued heroic actions of individuals. The bitter battles fought at cities like Col di Lana and Caporetto can be seen through themed walking tours, hikes through trenches and ruins and exploring the mine tunnels. The Dolomites are rich with WWI history so don’t miss out!