Outside Magazine - Why Your Next Trip Should Be to a Blue Zone

Outside Magazine - Why Your Next Trip Should Be to a Blue Zone

For the past two decades, Dan Buettner has traveled the world gathering the wisdom of the world's longest-living centenarians. The result is seven books for National Geographic on longevity and happiness, the most recent,  The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer, published in 2023; the Netflix documentary  Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, which claimed the number three spot shortly after its debut in August; and the  Blue Zones diet, whose guidelines have inspired millions of people to eat more beans. 

" Test yourself on the 33-mile Selvaggio Blu route, seen in the video below. It starts near the coastal town of Santa Maria Navaresse, involves sketchy scrambling and via ferratas, has jaw-dropping views of the cliffs and Tyrrhenian Sea, and is dubbed the toughest trek in Italy.  Dolomite Mountains  offers a less extreme option with its seven-day Wild Blue Zone Trek (not affiliated with Buettner's Blue Zones), where you'll explore the 25-mile-long Orosei coastline, hiking to unexplored beaches, on narrow rocky trails along white sea cliffs, and spending two nights on a private boat anchored in cerulean waters." 

Written by Stephanie Pearson 

Outside Magazine Jan 24, 2024

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