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NEW ZEALAND HERALD – Italy: Taking a Meal to New Heights

Suzanne Morphet works up an appetite hiking in Italy's Dolomites and then sits down to some incredible cuisine served up with mountain views.

THE HUFFINGTON POST – Dolomite Biking: Are You Experienced? by Harmon Leon

The soothing sound of bike wheels silently rolling against pavement. Cowbells echo from passing farms. Drizzly and dramatic, Kraftwerk's Tour de France plays on automatic repeat in my brain...

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – Dolomite Biking: Are You Experienced? by Harmon Leon

I'm flying through the air. Surrounded by a gorgeous vista of alpine scenery, I'm about to face-plant into the side of an Italian mountain. Time momentarily stops. I ponder...

CALGARY HERALD – Climbing Italy's Alps 'via ferrata' by Suzanne Morphet

We were in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains for five days of climbing “via ferrata,” or climbing the “iron way,” using cables, ladders and the occasional bridge.

AWAY.COM – The Rich Culture & Cuisine of the Dolomites

Located just south of the main section of the Alps, the Italian Dolomites are somewhat of a tourist mecca, offering breathtaking views, peaceful pastures, and a step back in history to a simpler time.

The DOLOMITESTV.COM by Santa Fe TV show

Watch the video and Fall in Love with your Planet.

DREAM OF ITALY – Dolomites

Despite dozens of visits to Italy, I’ll readily confess that the Dolomite Mountains (Dolomiti) in the northeastern corner of the country had barely registered on my radar.

TRAVEL PULSE – Dolomite Mountains Offers Via Ferrata Climbing

Dolomite Mountains, an adventure travel company based in the Dolomite Mountains, is offering the experience of mountain climbing on a Via Ferrata.

ELITE TRAVELER – New Luxe Adventure Company Offers Via Ferrata Experience

Via Ferrata (or iron road) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, ladders, and bridges. The use of these allows otherwise isolated routes to be joined to create longer routes which are accessible to people with a wide range of climbing abilities. Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine.

EUROPE FOR VISITORS – Climb a "via ferrata" in the Dolomites by EFVblog

Dolomite Mountains, an adventure-travel company based in the province of Belluno, Italy, is offering a unique mountaineering experience for anyone in good shape who has a head for heights.

DEPARTURES – By Elisabeth Franck-Dumas Nov/Dec-2007

The Italian Alps have always been fashionable among certain set...

ST PAUL PIONEER PRESS – By Jennifer Wilson

As we ascend toward wispy clouds in an autumn-blue sky, the kids are pretty sure we’re in heaven from the looks of these jagged Italian Alps known as the Dolomites...

CHICAGO TRIBUNE – By Jennifer Wilson

When the first snow of the year gently fell on the Cortina D’Ampezzo, one of the valleys making up the Dolomites...

TRAVE+LEISURE – Think Mountain-Climbing Is Tough? Not In The Italian Dolomites

Think Mountain-Climbing Is Tough? Not In The Italian Dolomites - By Sarah Gold

PETERGREENBERG.COM – Luxury & Budget Hiking Adventures in Italy’s Dolomites

“Signoreeeeena. Learn to lean out! You’ll never see anything with your face in the rock.” By Jordan Whitley

Hiking in the Dolomites by Pokin Yeung

Interview with Agustina from Dolomites Mountains