Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

The Dolomites are truly a rock climber’s paradise, and have long been sought after by climbers from around the world. There is something for every experience level here – protected top roped climbs are perfect for novices wanting to learn, while more challenging multi-pitch climbs are a great way to stretch your skills. Whether you are a first time rock climber, or are already comfortable hanging from a rock wall, our guides can lead you into (or higher up in!) the vertical world of the Dolomite Mountains.

Rock climbs in the Dolomites are rated according to the French Numerical System (note that this is different than the numbering systems used in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, and South Africa), based on the overall technical difficulty and strenuousness of the route.  The system is open ended, with grades starting at 1 (very easy), but rarely exceeding 9.  For further delineation of the harder climbs, numerical grades can be subdivided by adding a letter (a, b or c – for example: 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, etc…), and an optional + may be used to even further differentiate difficulty. For those familiar with the Yosemite Decimal System used in the U.S., for reference – a 5.0 in the U.S. is 5a, 5.10a is a 6a, and a 5.11d is a 7a.

Note: On every climbing trip, Dolomite Mountains provides all of the equipment you need, including a helmet for safety. And, of course, all of our climbing trips are always led by UIAGM/IFMGA Professional Mountain Guides.

Sorry! By definition, there are no “easy” rock climbing trips!

Our easy to moderate trips are great for people who want to see the Dolomites at a relatively relaxed pace, yet still want to feel like they got some exercise, and for families with children.  These include beginning or introductory rock climbing, learning to climb on easy (grades 2-4), short routes (50 meters / 150 feet maximum).

Our moderate to challenging trips are demanding, with a whole lot of fun along the way. There will be no question in your mind whether you accomplished something at the end of each day!  Rock climbing trips include intermediate routes (grade 5). Trips may include longer hiking approaches to reach the start points of the climbs.

Our challenging trips are exactly that – challenging!  These trips are designed for guests in excellent physical condition, who have a strong spirit of adventure.  Rock climbing trips include intermediate to advanced routes (grades 5-6), and may include some multi-pitch climbing.  Trips may include longer hiking approaches to reach the start points of the climbs.