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FINANCIAL TIMES - The Wild Blue trek of coastal Sardinia

“Wait here,” said Luca, tying a rope to me. “When I shout ‘ready’, you can start to climb.” With that, he edged around the sheer rock face like a mime artist feeling an imaginary wall, humming the theme tune from the Indiana Jones films. “Climb,” I shouted after Luca. “I . . . I don’t know how to climb . . . ” But he was already gone.

THE INDEPENDENT - Couloirs: An off-piste adventure

Exciting yet deadly, these narrow snowy chutes are for the highly skilled and stout of heart, writes Simon Usborne

CARA - Best for Gastronomy

As well as having some of the most incredible scenery in the world and forming part of the popular north Italian Sella Ronda ski circuit in the Dolomites, Alta Badia ( has carved out a niche as a gourmet destination.

L'OFFICIEL VOYAGE - A place like no other

Fine cuisine, luxury hotels and epic scenery makes the village of San Lorenzo di Sebato in the Dolomites, a certain stop for the traveler seeking unique experiences and the luxury of exclusivity

JUST LUXE - Join the Bicycle Tourism Movement With a 7-Day Gourmet, Wine & Bike in Tour in Italy

For the past couple of years, Bicycle Tourism has seen a rise in popularity since its 1970s heydays.

BEST OF THE WORLD – Moving On Up in the Dolomites

WHEN WORLD WAR I broke out, Italy’s Dolomites became a treacherous front line for Austrian and Italian soldiers. Here among the jagged peaks and sheer pastel walls of this ancient range of the Alps, where many cultures had coexisted for centuries, soldiers on both sides built networks of bolted-down steel cables, called via ferrata (iron path), to move supplies quickly—and for other mis- sions, too.

ELEVATION - Wired for War

Invented by Italian soldiers to get around the mountains during the First World War, via ferrata is today a surprisingly accessible form of climbing that allows non-mountaineers to scale vertical faces.

ROMAR TRAVELER - Biking in the Dolomites

Biking in the Dolomites: Focusing on the foods and wines of three cultures


Bordered by Austria and Switzerland, the North Italian exudes style, high gastronomy and unforgettable tours


South American Agustina Lagos Marmol left her homeland to set up a winter ski and summer horse riding safari business in the Dolomites.

FINANCIAL TIMES - Trekking in the Mighty Dolomites

It was not quite what I expected on a first day’s walk in the Dolomite mountains. We had come through pine forests with an undergrowth of alpenrose and blueberries; mountain fritillaries and delicate small blue butterflies played across the path.

THE TELEGRAPH - Ski and Snowboard

Five star Ski Touring?

SNOW MAGAZINE - A Moveable Mountain Feast in the Dolomites Eating and Living La Dolce Vita

I am on “ski-fari”— a moveable mountain feast through the South Tyrol

ROBB REPORT - Ultimate Adventures: La Dolce Via

The Adventure: A 13-day via ferrata expedition through Italy’s Dolomites.


The Dolomites are the crown jewels of the Alps. Fairytale spires, twisted towers and sheer rock faces soar above emerald valleys. A collision of continental plates millions of years ago thrust the rock up and out of the sea and formed these spectacular mountains, whose highest peaks are nearly 11,000 feet.

THE HUFFINGTON POST - Ski Safari vs. Backcountry Ski Tour In the Dolomites

In the Dolomites, there is a relatively new ski experience known as the ski safari, and it's fast becoming the adventure of choice for Dolomite visitors from across the globe that come in search of diversity and uniqueness.

FINANCIAL TIMES - Ski touring in the Italian Dolomites

When it comes to travel, “luxury” is a subjective concept. For some it’s all about Frette sheets, seat 1A or mooring up on the waterfront in Cannes. For others it’s as simple as a lie-in, no flashing red light on the BlackBerry and a freshly-baked baguette from the boulangerie down the road.

MEN'S JOURNAL - Skiing the Alps, Italian-style

There's skiing the Alps, and then there's skiing the Italian Alps.

FINANCIAL TIMES - Horseriding in Patagonia

Caballadas in Argentina

THE INDEPENDENT - 2014 Holiday Diary: Light up your year of travel

It starts with fireworks, takes in Brazil, Wales and Ethiopia – and winds up with a spot of knitting. Let Kate Simon be your guide