The Dolomites

Visit Passo di San Pellegrino

Running between Trento and Belluno, Passo di San Pellegrino brings together the lovely town of Moena in Val di Fassa with Falcarragh in the beautiful Biois Valley.

Visit Passo Rolle

Rising 1,989 meters (6,525') above sea level, Passo Rolle is located in Trentino, Italy and adjoins the Primiero and Fiemme valleys. When it was constructed, sometime between 1863 and 1874, the area was still under Austrian rule.

Visit Passo Valles

Located on the border of Trentino and the Veneto, Valles Pass connects the Travignolo and Biois valleys. This high mountain pass in the beautiful Italian Dolomites also brings together the eastern town of Falcarragh with Tonadico in the west and sits comfortably between the Italian provinces of Trento and Belluno.

Visit Passo Fedaia

The Fedaia Pass is almost overshadowed by the nearby two-kilometer-long Fedaia Lake, at the foot of the magnificent Marmolada Glacier, one of the most popular destinations in the Dolomites for skiers, riders, and mountaineers.

Visit Cibiana Pass

The road of the pass is quite narrow and presents a grade of approximately 15% but is still open for use year-round. The area is rich with history and provides access to Monte Rite by way of an old road that was built during the First World War.

Visit Staulanza Pass

The charming Staulanza Pass connects the Cadore valley in the north with the Zoldo valley in the south. Within the pass there are some accommodations including rifugios, restaurants and bars, all surrounded by the captivating and awe-inspiring Dolomite Mountains which rise up above the area.

Visit Passo Giau

The hiking in Giau Pass is fantastic, with a variety of different paths available depending on the desired level of difficulty. The surrounding mountain terrain offers captivating scenery, from flora to wildlife and, of course, the magnificent Dolomite Mountains.

Visit Falzarego Pass

The meaning of the name “Falza Rego” is“false king” in Ladin, the local language of the Dolomites people. It refers to the legend of a king of the Fanes, who is said to have been turned to stone for betraying his people. This high mountain pass connects Cortina d’Ampezzo with Andráz and leads to Val Badia through Valparola Pass.

Visit Gardena Pass

One of the nicest things about Gardena Pass is the fact that there are accommodations for visitors right on the pass itself. This means not only can you traverse this lovely pass and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding magnificent Dolomite Mountains but you can also stay there.

Visit Campolongo Pass

The lowest of the six passes in the Dolomites, the Campolongo Pass connects Arabba with Corvara in the Val Badia. Along with the Gardena Pass, Pordoi Pass and Sella Pass, the Campolongo Pass helps form the infamous ski route known as the Sellaronda.

Visit Valparola Pass

The majestic high mountain pass of Valparola is located in the Italian province of Belluno. It serves as the divide between the watersheds of the Piave, which flows toward the east and the Adige, which flows westward eventually merging with the Adriatic Sea.

Visit Passo delle Erbe

The lovely Passo delle Erbe serves as connection between Val Badia and the Lüsen valley of Val d’Isarco. There are several access roads that lead to the pass, which rise and descend in different directions. From the pass starts the steep and challenging Lüsen which winds across the valley of the Rio Lasanca.

Visit Pordoi Pass

Located between the Sella group and the Marmolada is the alluring Pordoi Pass. The road that crosses the pass is the highest surfaced road on any pass in the Dolomites and it connects Arabba in the Livinallongo Valley with Canazei in the Valle di Fassa.

The Mills in the Dolomites

Pietro Franco Deltedesco, one of the last active millers in the Dolomites, by Karin Pizzinini

The Rifugi of the Dolomites

Past and present

Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomites

The Queen of the Dolomites, the highest summit in the entire range, offers more than beauty and mountaineering thrills: experts say the rocky massif's geological record of prehistoric sediments is outstanding in a global context.

The Ancient and Hospitable Ladin People

The Ladin people, who still live in the Dolomites, have their own language, their own culture, their own traditions.

The Dolomites Nominated for Alpine Ski World Cup 2015

Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Veneto Region has been nominated as the ideal location for this great sporting event.

The Dolomites Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009

Italy's stunning Dolomite Mountains were declared a United Nations Natural World Heritage Site in 2009