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Anna Cozzi

Anna Cozzi

A native of Milan, Anna earned her degree at the University of Bologna in Arts, Music, Theatre, and Communication, and has worked in event planning, marketing and tourism throughout Italy and Europe. She has travelled extensively and lived in the cities of New York and La Habana for some time. Anna moved to the Dolomites in 2010, and she began to work with Dolomite Mountains in the spring of 2012: she started with operations and now designs custom trips and manages special events.

Anna is a digital nomad and lives with her beautiful dogs; each year she spends some months in the Dolomites and the rest on a sailing boat, discovering the Mediterranean Sea.
She is a published author, releasing her first book on Feng Shui in 2016.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

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Product Developer & Travel Designer

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Italian, German, English, and Spanish